HKU on Coronavirus (Mar 26-Apr 23)


HKU in the news (Mar 26-Apr 23)

Apr 17 HKU study finds disruption to daily routines by COVID-19 increases the odds of developing conditions such as anxiety and depression (Professor Tatia Lee, Professor Hou Wai-kai, Dr Winnie Tso and Dr Patrick Ip) (link)

Apr 9 HKU Professor Kevin Tsia featured on his bioinformatics research for cancer and COVID-19 analysis. His new trajectory inference algorithm VIA can process omics data up to 100 times faster than existing technologies, making it powerful in handling large-scale single-cell data (Professor Kevin Tsia) (link)

Mar 31 HKUMed study finds Omicron strain causes 7 times more deaths among hospitalised children than influenza and 15% of hospitalised COVID-19 children have neurological complications, with fatality rate of children with Omicron being seven times higher than those infected with flu (link)

Mar 28 HKU Dean of Medicine warns about a possible rebound of infected figures in the fifth wave as the mobility data indicates citizens start going out (Professor Gabriel Leung) (link)