Hong Kong University Graduates Association (HKUGA) was established in the 1970s by a group of young HKU graduates, with the aim of furthering the bonds, friendships and ideals that the group had established as undergraduates - and to create an ongoing link with the university and enhance its reputation and development.

The Association has since developed into one of the leading alumni associations at the university, with a diverse and highly active membership comprising former students from various faculties, residential and non-residential halls, and ages.

HKUGA's mission is to provide a platform for members

  • to freely meet, exchange, and continue their life-long development;
  • to support the University of Hong Kong and sustain its status as a leading academic establishment in the region; and
  • to be actively involved in the community and in matters related to Hong Kong and China.

In support of the mission, many members now sit on the Standing Committee of HKU Convocation and Court.

HKUGA actively organizes learning and development programs

  • to enhance the personal and professional development of members; and
  • to support programmes of the University of Hong Kong; and
  • to enhance their understanding and discussion of social and economic development in Hong Kong and the region.

The HKUGA Education Foundation manages a primary and a secondary school - the HKUGA Primary School and the HKUGA College. GAP is one of the leading Toastmasters Clubs in Hong Kong while the 229th Scout Troop of Hong Kong is the most sought after Scout Chapters in Hong Kong.