HKU on Coronavirus (Dec 3-Jan 5)


HKU in the news (Dec 3-Jan 5)

Jan 5 HKU study finds adolescent with three jabs of Sinovac have less antibody levels than those with two jabs of BioNTech (Professor Lau yu-lung) (link)

Dec 30 HKUMed study finds jab and spray vaccine boost the immune response against COVID-19 (link)

Dec 16 HKUMed study finds Omicron variant replicates around 70 times faster in the human bronchus than original COVID-19 strain and Delta variant (Dr Chan chi-wai) (link)

Dec 14 HKU microbiology researchers collaborate with vaccine manufacturers Sinovac and ChinaPharm for research on Omicron variant (Professor Yuen kwok-yung) (link)

Dec 13 HKUMed-CU Medicine joint study finds Covid variant Omicron significantly reduces virus neutralisation ability of BioNTech vaccine (Professor Malik Peiris) (link)

Dec 10 HKU engineering and HKUMed develop the first anti-COVID-19 stainless steel which can inactivate 99.75% of viable coronavirus cells in 3 hours (Professor Huang Mingxin, Professor Poon lit-man) (link)

Dec 9 HKUMed reveals image of the Covid variant Omicron under electron microscope (Professor Poon lit-man) (link)

Dec 7 HKU study suggests airborne transmission between the city’s first two Omicron imported cases who stayed across from each other at a quarantine hotel in Hong Kong (Professor Ho pak-leung) (link)