HKU on Coronavirus (Oct 31 - Dec 02)


HKU in the news (Oct 31-Dec 2)

Dec 2 University of Hong Kong researchers will soon partner with a mainland drugmaker to develop a vaccine against Omicron after they successfully isolated samples of the fast-spreading variant (Professor Yuen kwok-yung) (link)

Dec 2 Joint CUHK-HKU study discovers efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines correlates with a probiotic bacterium, Bifidobacterium adolescentis (Dr. Hein TUN) (link)

Dec 1 HKU microbiologists succeed in isolating Omicron variant, paving way for vaccines (Professor Yuen kwok-yung) (link)

Nov 24 HKU microbiologist calls valve-equipped face coverings “selfish”, after one of the two infected guests in a hotel used a valve-equipped face mask when he opened his hotel door to retrieve delivered meals and deposit trash (Professor Yuen kwok-yung) (link)

Nov 15 HKUMed research team develops inhaled dry powder formulation against COVID-19