HKU on Coronavirus (Sep 15-Oct 6)


HKU in the news (Sep 15-Oct 6)

Oct 5 HKU epidemiologist Benjamin Cowing thinks a devastating fourth wave of coronavirus cases could hit Hong Kong – and it could be just days away (Professor Benjamin Cowling) (link)

Oct 5 HKU Chief of Infectious disease reports while around 90% Covid-19 patients take 2 weeks to recover, 10% of recovered patients of Covid-19 may take over 3 months and 1-2% patients may have permanent lung damage (Professor Ivan Hung) (link)

Oct 4 HKU Dean of Medicine estimates vaccines against Covid-19 under Phase 3 testing should be able to most versions of Covid-19 and predicts public needs another injection in 9-18 months (Professor Gabriel Leung) (link)

Sep 30 HKU microbiologist Professor Yuen kwok-yung suggests for elderly homes, average space per person be over 8 square meters and room fresh air per person be over 10 litres per second (Professor Yuen Kwok-yung) (link)

Sep 28 HKU microbiologist Professor Yuen kwok-yung warns that seafood stalls in wet market providing public towels may increase the cross-contamination risks of Covid-19 (Professor Yuen Kwok-yung) (link)