HKU on Coronavirus (May 14-20)


HKU in the news (May 14 - 20)

May 20 HKUMed School of Public Health Professor Keiji Fukuda thinks this isn’t enough to prove that the virus is mutating, and that there could be other explanations for longer infection period (Professor Keiji Fukuda) (link)

May 20 HKU microbiologist Dr Ho Pak-leung warns that the government's social distancing measures need to be consistent, and that restrictions cannot be continued in low-risk areas, but high-risk areas are reopened (Professor Ho Pak-leung) (link)

May 19 HKUMed study explains why Covid-19 carriers lose sense of taste (Professor John Nicholls) (link)

Mar 19 HKU study led by public health virologist Professor Malik Peiris finds coronaviruses do not readily induce cross-protective antibody responses (Professor Malik Peiris, Professor Chris Mok) (link)

May 18 HKU microbiologist Dr Ho Pak-leung thinks the government should explain whether the French private-jet pilot has submitted health declaration (Professor Ho Pak-leung) (link)

May 17 HKU research on hamster led by microbiologist Professor Yuen kwok-yung offers the first proof that wearing surgical masks can significantly reduce the rate of airborne Covid-19 transmission (Professor Yuen Kwok-yun) (link)

May 16 UGC and the Research Grants Council (RGC) allocates additional $250 million to support research projects on COVID-19 (link)

Mar 15 HKUMed studies the modes of transmission of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and discovers a mechanism that may explain the temporary loss of sense of smell by using a golden hamster animal model (Professor Yen Hui-ling) (link)

Mar 15 HKU study led by public health virologist Professor Malik Peiris confirms the DNA of virus in infected pets match their owners, hence concludes pets can catch COVID-19 from human (Professor Malik Peiris) (link)

May 15 HKU study shows finds no evidence of dog-to-human Covid-19 transmission (link)

May 14 HKU Dean of Medicine says it is nearly impossible to eliminate invisible transmission chain of COVID-19 (Professor Gabriel Leung) (link)